Top 3 Reasons Millennials don’t align with Donald Trump

by Michael Lam | Mar 05, 2016


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Reason 1: We are scared of what we don’t know

We are a group of realist and will call out “BS” as we see it. Millennials live in a world catered towards them. With information available 24 hours a day, its expected they’d assemble their political views. However, there are a ton of information with contradictions. This threatens and clouds Millennial views. The uncertainty of information makes Millennials feel less secure, uninformed, and thus conflicted to side with any political views. Bernie Sanders gets it and delivers a simple message that has been long perceived by general public, the “system is rigged”. There a lot of research indicating Millennials are hesitating to pursue home ownership. A lot as to do with uncertainly in the future. Donald Trump in his early career built a fortune leveraging low interest rates and using OPM (“other people’s money”), per The Washington Post. His success and him wanting to make “America Great Again” can be associated to this hot blazing real estate market by encouraging the same benefits he experience in his early career. Using 3rd party money with low interest rate by creating favorable policy in the lending industry. One sure way to get Millennials to take the plunge is to encourage home ownership via favorable lending policies and provide the stability in financial markets to instill confidence to everyone. Who better with a track record of success in real estate to create such policies to help Millennials get into home ownership.

Reason 2: We want instant gratification

Millennials have data and information on tap. The fact Millennials grew up in a world where everything was accessible on their mobile phone, they are accustomed to receiving instant responses to everything. From receiving emails, chats, social comments, name anything and the information will be obtained. If the political message doesn’t give them instant gratification, it’ll be hard to appeal to them. Donald Trump can give concrete objective goals targeted to Millennials. Knowing that Millennials are the largest demographic of emerging home buyers, Donald Trump could create or recommend policies that would cater towards their real estate preference. Anything from creating favorable policies to getting Millennials mortgages, such as letting college debt not count against their DTI (debt-to-income-ratio) and ways to reduce their college debt in whole. Millennials are known for wanting to live in areas that are “walkable”. Donald Trump has experience building large retail buildings where he could use that experience to design housing complexes that favor Millennials.

Reason 3: Perception is our reality

Millennials can also be stubborn in the sense that with all this information surrounding them. It’s a curated reality. This also means by pushing information targeting Millennials, you can change their perception of you. Donald Trump is finically in a position where he could do that. Donald Trump is perceived a successful real estate business man. It’s enticing to hear from a successful business man how he did it and how it could be done by the individual, especially by a man who can have the power to directly affect you.

If Donald Trump is completely ignoring Millennials, that could be a political mistake he’ll learn to regret later during his presidential years. Millennials is the next round of political demographic to influence. If Donald Trump does not recognize this, it’ll be at their peril. Donald Trump has a long way to securing a strong position with Millennials. However, there are similarities to Millennials view that are aligned with Donald Trump. It’s his message delivery he needs to work on and utilizing his business acumen in a way that appeals to Millennials. Will Donald Trump do this? Time will tell, but its obvious people want change. Donald Trump is that change that moves away from the “political status quo”.

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