Michael Quihuiz Profile


Brokerage Firm:   Martin Group Lending, Inc.

Location:  1879 Lundy Ave #212, San Jose, CA 95121
NMLS #:  249523
BRE #:  01384522
Performance:  Year 2015: +50 loans
 Year 2014: +50 loans

Michael Quihuiz has tremendous experience during various economic times. He has experienced the boom and the bust in real estate and is fully aware and equipped to handle all sorts of unique financial situations. With his +10 years of lending experience that date back far as in 2003, he has the conservative mindset yet aggressive approach that can get you into any loan. As long as you can financially afford it, he can help navigate you through the maze of lender policies and conditions.

He wants a true client relationship where he cannot just do one deal but multiple deals with you. He understands one deal is not worth as much as doing multiple deals so he won’t try to burn you on a single deal. He wants to build a relationship that will last long so that both can prosper together in the future.

Last year, 2014, Michael Quihuiz had one of his best years as a loan officer. With him leading his team, he was able to coordinate and successfully lend out $23.5 Million dollars at an average loan size of $450,000. He is on target this year, 2015 to lend out over +$30 Million dollars.

Client’s Review of Michael Quihuiz

“There are many lenders out there and many good ones but not many great ones. He is what you’d consider the top 1% in the industry. I met Michael Quihuiz through a business partner several years back. I had a situation that was unique and required someone with a long reach into various lending programs. My other lenders I’ve used in the past are really well known and have done me well over the years, so I figured if they couldn’t handle this loan, it’s safe to assume it’s a long shot with Michael Quihuiz. I approached Michael thinking, “why not?”

To my amazement, he was able to search and find a loan program that not only would lend to me, but provide me an extremely favourable rate. A rate most folks in the lending field thought was a “steal.” What made this all possible was Michael’s relationship with this particular lender, his past deals and professionalism he brought to this lender made him an ideal loan officer to work with.

Without a doubt, I will use Michael Quihuiz again and will refer him to many of my business colleagues. If you want a loan and a friend that cares about you, your family and financial prosperity, look no further. Michael Quihuiz is your guy now and in the future.” — Michael Lam

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