How To Landscape During Drought

by Michael Lam | Jun 28, 2015


When the very idea of a severe and history record drought occurs, most immediately think of their lush lawns and dirty cars. However, with the magnitude of a fourth year in a row severe drought and the worst drought to ever strike our state, our priorities need to shift to accommodate the important and necessary facets of life and existence. Maintaining an efficient and useful landscape is not only important, it is necessary. We need to reduce our water intake footprint more than ever before.

The lush and amazing lawns and gardens are not out of question during a severe drought. When and how you water is an important conservation point. Watering after sunset is recommended. They are able to absorb the water and feed the deeper roots before evaporation and runoff occurs. This system allows the lawns and gardens to remain healthier which requires less water and reduces water pollution. They are as important to the environment as is the water. Grass stops erosion, gardens provide food for humans and wildlife; both provide shelter and so on.

Take precautions to conserve and be diligent.

  • Mulch your gardens, trees and items that require water to survive. Create a self-watering system by applying a layer of plastic under the mulch poke small holes and cut out holes around where the bushes and flowers go. The sun heats the mulch, the mulch heats the plastic and condensation is formed. The greens are watered 24/7.

  • Repair leaking hoses and all fixtures. 1 drip @ second wastes 5 gallons of water per day. That is only on 1 leak. That one drips equals 2,082 gallons of fresh water wasted per year.

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  • A Family of 4 that skimps on water usage still uses at least 276 gallons of water each day.

  • Use Native Plants, Grass and Shrubs, they use very little water

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The options are endless for home and business owners who are looking for professional landscaping services that will recreate the styles and looks that they have grown to love so much without the drain of the water supply. With the average home in California utilizing 50% of their water usage for lawn care, something has to give somewhere and soon. We are not going to run out of water, we are already there for the fourth year in a row; the droughts cannot keep coming every year. Let a landscaper show you how to reduce your water intake footprint now, we can all do our part.

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