How Do You Keep Millennials Engaged?

by Michael Lam | Jul 06, 2015


You’re feeling threatened. Your business is getting compromised by hi-technology companies that are trying to devalue you as a real estate agent (any professional in real estate). How to do you combat this? They say to “show your value”; but, is it just that? How do you show value?

Show Integrity

There are many ways to do this, but the most common and easiest way is to show integrity and concern for your client. Millennials are extremely smart and have all the data at the tips of their fingers. You can’t fool them. If anything, they might have more information than you do. Thus, hi-tech companies are embracing Millennials’ need for quick information and are jumping on the bandwagon to throw agents “under the bus.”

Don’t let that discourage you. It might feel like you’re in a battle similar to David vs. Goliath (and you might be); but, remember who won the battle? Little David who played smart. You, as an agent need to be like David and work smart. What’s one thing a computer can’t replace? It’s the personal relationship between you and the client. You have to use that to your advantage. No computer can build a meaningful relationship with clients.

There are tools out there that can help you send drip campaigns or strategically timed emails, but Millennials will identify these engagement attempts as automated and will value you even less. Why? Because, automation (using a robot to write unauthentic emails) translates to a lack of concern for forging a genuine connection.

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Send Personal Emails

What you really need to do is spend few minutes a month per client to send a personal email. Send customized content that references them by name and engaging content that inspires them to respond back. Don’t email them to ask how they’re doing. Instead, send content featuring stats about a local neighborhood or loan-related information, like rate trends. Make the information subtle, but powerful enough to entice them to respond.

Create some (or many) template emails that you can refer to when you get stuck; but, don’t resend the same template to them. Categorize your templates and make sure you choose the appropriate one. For example, if you have a template to talk about the summer, make sure you label it correctly and spend just a few extra minutes updating the template to include your client’s information and add little personal touch.

Invest Time to Connect Personally

Some of you may be wondering, “If I do this it’ll cost me time.” That is true and should be expected. For Millennials to respect and value you, they must believe you have their best interest in mind and care about them. Building a sold customer relationship via engagement emails will help bridge the gap between relationship and trust. Even if the Millennial isn’t ready to purchase right away, it’s important you stay connected and answer any questions while nurturing this growing relationship. It can also be viewed as an investment of your time.

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Find something that is important to them. As an example, learn about something they personally like outside of real estate, like sports or sailing and send news about it along with a note to say you were thinking of them. Or, send them the latest statistics about the real estate economy. You want to be considered an “All Pro Agent” who stays up-to-date on breaking real estate news. Make sure you think of your clients when reading the news to share. Even asking a simple question like, “I’ve been looking at recently listed homes and noticed you haven’t sent me any new homes to research. Do you want to revise your search criteria so I may better serve you?” A simple question like that will warrant a response.

Little details like this go a very long way to keep the agent-customer relationship strong. Avoid “canned responses” that sound like an automated email at all costs. It’s a lot of work keeping a client engaged, but it’s much easier to nurture this client to the conversion stage once they are engaged vs. purchased lead with whom you have no rapport. It’s even harder to convert lead to a committed client. Preserve and nurture your clients with engaging emails to establish a long-term client relationship.

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