Grant Inaba Profile


Brokerage Firm:   Climb Real Estate Group

Location:   251 Rhode Island St #105, San Francisco, CA 94103
BRE #:   01905199
  Degree in Real Estate
  Well-Versed in Construction & Renovation
  Investment Professional
  Tech Master

In the mid-2000’s, I felt the market was growing disproportionately. To me, real estate felt like a secret discovery and I wanted be a part of it. I had no idea how to buy a house, so I began to take classes in real estate at the local community college, which was across the street from my rented apartment. I already had a career in the library field, so I was taking two night classes per semester, because I found learning something new to be an invigorating experience.

I was intrigued when I found out that, after only a few classes, I could take the salespersons license exam. I immediately began studying for it without any intention to actually use it, as I am a bit of a certification nut who likes adding letters to my name.

It was about this time that I started my personal home search. Upon graduation, I had taken every class I could in real estate and still had the bug to learn more. It was a natural decision for me to begin working in the field, especially because the library field began to experience a downturn. I finally bought my house and also got a job at Redfin. After a couple years with Redfin learning to approach real estate with technology, I sought a brokerage with the same philosophy, but with a few caveats.

I wanted the freedom and autonomy to do business the way I thought most efficient while tailoring my day to best fit my personal style. It is here at #TeamFast with Kenny Truong in the East Bay that we use the best technology tools and apply teamwork to serve our clients quickly and courteously. We work together instead of competing for each other’s’ clients. Because we are an aggressive, hardworking, and cooperative team, we create results.

Defined by our closings, results give us the information and hard data we need to create more successful closes in the future. Agents in the industry recognize that we are reliable and can get the job done. In turn, they appreciate working with us. While a regular solo agent closes a certain amount in their market, we close two to three times as many.

Our market is very competitive, and clients need expert agents at their side. And why would you want anything less when buying property the largest purchase you will ever make? People I talk with may think I am pulling their leg when I tell them how great I think #TeamFast is, but I hope they know we are doing our best for them. #TeamFast is a place that fits perfectly with the way I want to do business and the philosophy I hold.

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