Could Donald Trump appeal to Millennials in Real Estate?

by Michael Lam | May 11, 2016


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Based on polls and research, Millennials gravitate towards Bernie Sanders. Why is it that? They believe the political system is rigged per, Millennials think. I’m a Millennial Real Estate Investor and have a unique point of view in both the demographic and political spectrum. Below are five reasons why Millennials may not align with Donald Trump.

# 1: Millennials are scared of what they don’t know

We are a group of realist and will call out any and all “BS” as we see it. Millennials live in a world tailored towards them. With information available 24 hours a day, its expected they’d assemble their political views. However, there are a ton of information with contradictions. This threatens and clouds Millennial views. The ambiguity of information makes Millennials feel less secure, uninformed, and thus conflicted to side with any political views.

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vladimir gjorgiev |

Bernie Sanders gets this and delivers a simple message that has been long perceived by general public, the “system is rigged”. There a lot of research indicating Millennials are hesitating to pursue home ownership. Donald Trump needs to leverage his success in real estate and provide confidence he’ll put Millennials in position to reap the benefits of one of the most stable vehicles of wealth, which is through real estate.

# 2: Millennials want instant gratification

Millennials have data and information on tap. The fact Millennials grew up in a world where everything was accessible on their smart phone, they are accustomed to receiving instant responses to everything. From receiving emails, chats, social comments, name anything and the information will be obtained. If the political message doesn’t give them instant gratification, it’ll be hard to appeal to them. Donald Trump can give concrete objective goals targeted to Millennials. Knowing that Millennials are the largest demographic of emerging home buyers, Donald Trump could create or recommend policies that would cater towards their real estate preference. Anything from creating favorable policies to getting Millennials mortgages, such as letting college debt not count against their DTI (debt-to-income-ratio) and ways to reduce their college debt in whole or to setting up real estate development in areas with favorable retail businesses. The list can go on.

# 3: Millennials perception is their reality

Millennials can also be stubborn in the sense that with all this information surrounding them. It’s a curated reality. This also means by pushing information targeting Millennials, you can change their perception of you. Donald Trump is financially in a position where he could do that. Donald Trump is perceived a successful real estate business man. It’s encouraging to hear from a successful business man how he did it and how it could be done by the individual, especially by a man who can have the power to directly affect you. Its easy to read and fall into the media trap that puts Donald Trump as a poor business man with multiple chapter 11. But what people don’t understand, many times filing for banruptcy is not a failure but a strategic play to step down, recoup, and come back stronger and smarter.

# 4: Millennials are self-centered

Who are the mass consumers of the popular word, “selfie?”. It’s the Millennials who did this before it was tagged a “selfie.”. Millennials are groomed in a world of self-perception, glitz and glamour. More prevalent than anything in today’s world is suffering from FOMO (fear of missing out) by Millennials. Donald Trump needs to recognized this and convey the message of how he can help Millennials achieve their financial dreams of success and make them the “agenda”. Donald is a business man where he needs to leverage his business skills to send the message to Millennials they can life freely under Donald Trump as president.

# 5: Millennials believe we are smarter than our parents

With information constantly stimulating Millennial lives, they naturally feel the older generation does not maneuver or quick to react to changing environments. The most interaction Millennials generally have with older people are their own parents. And in most cases, their parents are not up to speed on technology. This puts a false sense of IQ they have. Donald can leverage his successful real estate business to share knowledge to the masses. Prior to the GOP race, people paid to hear Donald Trump talk. Now that he is in the public eye and viewed as a strong political figure, he can leverage his own knowledge and share this to everyone. It superiorly establishes his credibility while gaining the respect from Millennials who have been accustomed to “knowing” everything. The caveat of this “knowing” everything is Millennials generally lack investment knowledge. That is something Donald can capitalize on.


If Donald Trump is completely ignoring Millennials, that could be a political mistake he’ll learn to regret later in the presidential race. Millennials is the next round of political demographic to influence. He needs to win their hearts. If Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders do not recognize this, it’ll be at their peril. Donald Trump has a long way to securing a strong position with Millennials. However, there are similarities to Millennials view that align to Donald Trump. It’s his message delivery he needs to work on and utilizing his business acumen in a way that appeals to Millennials. Will Donald Trump do this? Only time will tell, but its obvious people want change. Donald Trump can be that change that moves away from the “political status quo”.

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