2015 The Year of Green in Home Color Trending

by Michael Lam | Jun 28, 2015


It’s a decorators dream to walk into a home with bare walls; one that is absent of all home décor. It’s simply empty space. The very chance to create a masterpiece from start to finish electrifies their very being. With that said, the work begins on finding the color trends and how they fit into the home, furniture and overall home décor. For 2015, Benjamin Moore’s Guilford Green and its Monochromatic Color Scheme take the award for color of the year.

With a subtle softness, 2015 splashes its hottest home décor color trends across the market. The soft hues of Benjamin Moore’s Berry, Blue, Blush and Green make up the home color trends that will tone down the hectic lives outside the front door. Through the use of these home color trends, a home can be designed in an 18-19th century fashion or a modern fashion.

From one end of the spectrum to the next, the use of Green in 2015 is turning houses into homes that are dropping jaws like no other color has accomplished before. It only takes a minute of thinking and imaging your 18th-19th century home and what the home décor should look like to you. The opulent windows, winding stair case, etched glass doors opening to your parlor, your wing back sitting chair with a tea table, you say? This prime piece of real estate features the Guilford Green monochromatic color trends. They are pale; they are one color, different shades. They all mean tradition, warmth, crisp, opulence, natural and versatile.

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Modern lovers, you are not forgotten. Guilford Green may not be your color trend, but Green is still your neutral buddy and its team is still on your side. Take the pale away and make it deep and bold but not so bright. Same palette different tone; it’s still monochromatic. Your home décor will follow the same rules. You can select what you love and mix and match pieces until your heart is content. If green is not a great friend to you, use it as your accent color to pull it all together. You can switch the roles of Ben’s palette. Splash your Berry colors as cabinets and use your greens as vases on your mantle. Own it.

The very idea of blending colors and styles can really scare some people. Work with a palate and you can rarely if ever go wrong. Stay true to the hues throughout the home and blend it together. Go for neutral and natural if nothing else fits; go for 2015’s color trend of the year Benjamin Moore’s Guilford Green. Take your time and stay in touch for the latest tips, news and updates for the here and now in the Real Estate Market, they see it every day and you can too.

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